About Us

6269440666_6120c51c7d_bThe Spontaniacs! Have been performing since 2007, and are known for mastering the long-form improv style through their original “Intense Theatre™” performances and their “Stories of the Century” podcasts.

Their shows mix short sketch work created with suggestions from the audience, along with their shouts, screams and rants. Longer stories mix up genres, acting styles and general randomness.

“This is a great group! My family loved them!”

“OMG… I was cracking up the whole time!”

“I love me some spontaniacs!”

Tulsa world calls the Spontaniacs! Intense Theater an improvisational “masterpiece.”

Tulsa people calls the Spontaniacs! “zany,” “fun” and “entertaining.”

Urban tulsa weekly says, “the actors created these stories out of thin air, the audience rolling with laughter throughout… This group was wonderful at it!”