Episode 12: “An Amble in the Bramble” (Stories of The Century)

Bubba Booby, renowned man of adventure, is no easy chap to chase. But while her diner dries, daughter Betty Booby joins Magna Studios executive co-producer Cyril Sedgewicke on a tramp trek to track him. Emboldened by the power of his plumber’s friend, studio head Leonard Leroy leads secretary Miss Jones on their own jolly jaunt, whilst former elevator operator Sherwood B. Fine celebrates a serendipitous selection between push buttons and steam.

Episode 10: “Hot Buttered Bungle” (Stories of The Century)

Capitalizing on the mystery surrounding Dirk Preston’s murder, Latham T. Buttersqueeze plots the latest episode of his massively popular radio series. Meanwhile, eager for personal advancement, Sherwood aspires to a career move from elevator operator to personal flunky of Leonard Leroy.  Miss Jones becomes exhausted from her multi-step program, and Betty Booby proffers private tutelage on the manipulation of an automated vertical conveyance.

Episode 07: “The Great Dolly Volley Folly” (Stories of The Century)

From the comfort of their flagitious furniture, film idol Bruce Ardon discusses inflationary figures with screen siren wife Christine, as movie mogul Leonard Leroy stops and shops for props till he drops.  Eager to oust his inventory, adult entertainment entrepreneur Handy Dan masterminds a method to make Monique DeFromage the next geriatric girdle get-girl.