Podcast: “Stories of The Century”



The Opulent Century Building



Stories of The Century parodies radio soap operas of yesteryear. Each daffy episode presents an improvised story taking place within the unfathomably tall and opulent Century Building. Inside this self-contained microcosm of the outside world, listeners will find everything from a 1930’s movie studio to a radio broadcasting company. There are restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty parlors, florists, and even a pig farm. The adventures center around such characters as movie mogul Leonard Leroy, his blonde-to-the-brain secretary Miss Jones, washed up former movie siren Monique DuFromage, British blackguard and co-producer Cyril Sedgewicke, and Ed Nauseam, talent agent to the deformed. Yes, The Century Building has many stories and only The Spontaniacs! could make them this funny!

The Latest Episode: Episode 16: “Recruiter for a Suitor” (Stories of The Century)

Mr. and Mrs. Buttersqueeze conspire to cure Sherwood B. Fine’s bachelor blues, but the lovelorn elevator operator may find the remedy more repugnant than rational. Meanwhile, the shy and sheltered Miss Bovina’s unaccounted cuticle occasions chronic consequences, as the puritanical Minnie Mae suffers no salacious shenanigans.

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