The Spontaniacs! deliver a one-two punch of short-form and long-form comedy improv.

Up next: Creepy Coincidences!

On April 15, 1912, the R.M.S. Titanic sank after striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic.  One year later on that same date, the IRS was constituted.  Now, 105 years after the ship went down, many people—perhaps even some of you—are wearing Levi’s 501’s.  Did you ever notice that “501” transposed is “105”?!  And the makers of Levi’s 501’s pay income taxes to…the IRS?!  For the laugh-filled-lowdown on these and other creepy coincidences, join us again for another evening of fun with Tulsa’s Great Improvisational Comedy Show, “The Spontaniacs!”  Song, dance, and humor are all performed from the random suggestions given by our audience! Come on down to the pH House April 15th, for a great time with your friends, The Spontaniacs!  We’ll be looking for you!

Saturday, April 15, 8 p.m.
The PH House, 306 S. Phoenix Ave.
(1/2 mile west of the BOK Center on 3rd St.)
Admission: $8
(918) 851-3482 for more info


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The Opulent Century Building

The Century Building has many stories. This is one of them. Join us now for another episode of Stories of The Century!







Stories of The Century parodies radio soap operas of yesteryear. Each daffy episode presents an improvised story taking place within the unfathomably tall and opulent Century Building. Inside this self-contained microcosm of the outside world, listeners will find everything from a 1930’s movie studio to a radio broadcasting company. There are restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty parlors, florists, and even a pig farm. The adventures center around such characters as movie mogul Leonard Leroy, his blonde-to-the-brain secretary Miss Jones, washed up former movie siren Monique DuFromage, British blackguard and co-producer Cyril Sedgewicke, and Ed Nauseam, talent agent to the deformed. Yes, The Century Building has many stories and only The Spontaniacs! could make them this funny!


The Latest Episode: Episode 13: “Eric Terrell” (Stories of The Century)

Seeking an atmosphere more tropically breezy than greasy, proprietress Betty Booby hires a musician of marginally measurable merit to entertain her diner’s diners. But when the resultant depletion of brew threatens the demise of her enterprise, Magna Motion Pictures co-producer Cyril Sedgewicke barley hops to it in time with a scheme to save the suds. Yet his partner, Leonard Leroy, may be due to rue he did pursue Miss Jones to do it through.

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